Help with protected installer

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Help with protected installer

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My name is Eduard, I live in Italy and I have a problem with a program, in my opinion, protected with Enigma Protect.

I bought this program written on CD in 2013, the seller asked me for the Hardware ID (I don't remember which program I used for the Hardware ID) and then sent me the Unlock Key. The program is used to code and read errors in BMW E series cars. It is called BM Technic BMW.
I used the program successfully for several years, then I changed the HDD to an SSD, put in 4GB of RAM, updated Windows and sold the car.

Now I would like to install it again, for a friend who has a Bmw 5 series E60, but I can't because the laptop now has a different Hardware ID. The seller closed the activity a long time ago and no longer responds to emails.
What options do I have to decode the installer.exe file?

Here I have all the data from the old calculation.
Hardware ID: CA31-5BDF-AB9D-9220
I am also attaching the installation file. ... Qdm8hQawqc

Thank you in advance for having the patience to read my story.
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Re: Help with protected installer

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Hi Eduard, sorry to say, but it is impossible to get a license key for protected software, if you are not owner of this protected software.

This is a technical limitation, no matter if we want or do not want to help, this is just impossible to do.

Only owner of the protection project can create keys, nobody else. And no ways to get this back.
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