Connection of OAP with WooCommerce

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Connection of OAP with WooCommerce

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OAP can accept orders from WooCommerce too. To connect OAP and WooCommerce the Webhooks from the last should be used.

Please follow below step-by-step tutorial in order to connect OAP and WooCommerce:
1. Install WooCommerce plugin in your WordPresss website, make necessary configuration
2. Add WooCommerce Products, like on below screenshot. Keep in mind product id, shown in the last column, it will be used for connection with OAP
3. Make a Configuration Wizard in Enigma Protector, as described in this tutorial: ... ctivation/ When configuration wizard is successfully done, all necessary entries will be created in OAP.
4. In OAP, go to Order Links, edit the order link you have there, switch Registrar to WooCommerce and in Parameter field enter the WooCommerce Product ID (the one we discussed in #2). So if someone makes a new Woo order for this product, the connected OAP order link will be called to create an order:
5. In WordPress, go to WooCommerce - Settings - Webhooks, you need to add an action that will be fired when new order comes, i.e. OAP's order link has to called by Woo when new order comes. So create a webhook with action - Order updated, and the url - url of the OAP order link, like this one:
6. Now create a new order in Woo, do not forget to specify the product, to which you create the order. Once it is completed, the new order has to appear in OAP also.

Important notes:
1. There is allowed only one Woo product per order. Do not specify multiple products for one order. One order = one product.
2. Very important, if you will specify multiple products and multiple order links in OAP, for ALL further order links edit and specify the value of "Unique ID" same as for the first order link that you connected with Woo!
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