The Enigma Protector 7.00 Build 20211206 Release 6/12/2021

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The Enigma Protector 7.00 Build 20211206 Release 6/12/2021

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The Enigma Protector 7.00 Build 20211206 Release 6/12/2021
- Internal protection improvements
- Added option Miscellaneous - Delete Relocation Directory
- Improved RISC virtual machine for Delphi 10.4 (plus) compiled files
- Improved handling of files with corrupted relocations directory
- Fixed problem saving license in file in keys generator
- Fixed problem protecting applications that use EurekaLog
- Fixed problem handling files with TLS directory
- Better handling of invalid relocation directories
- Fixed problem with Checkup - External Files caused exception in some cases
- Fixed incompatibility of registration dialog between x86 and x64 versions
- Fixed wrong HyperV detection
- Memory optimizations on protection big files
- Virtual Box: Add handling of ZwSetInformationObject
- Virtual Box: Fixed issues with hooking of ZwSetInformationFile
- Virtual Box: Fixed problem using only packaging feature
- Virtual Box: Fixed freezing on Always Write to Disk option
- Virtual Box: Fixed compatibility problem with BitDefender antivirus
- Virtual Box: Improved handling of NtQueryObject function
- Virtual Box: Fixed problem packing 32 bit ElectronJS applications

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