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Is it released ?!!

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Is it released ?!!

Postby Ahmed Mansur » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:14 pm

I'm willing to buy Enigma Protector 4. Is it released ?!!
and what are the change log ?
Ahmed Mansur
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Re: Is it released ?!!

Postby mamyyyy » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:33 pm

I Just Know A Big New Core Change~
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Re: Is it released ?!!

Postby prasid » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:27 pm

We already release new version with massive changes.

Code: Select all
The Enigma Protector 4 has a major changes in the protection core - the new
Virtual Machine of RISC type. We call on to understand the usage of the VM
Markers, add (or replace a part of existings VM Markers) with new kind of
markers of RISC virtual machine - vm_risc_begin/vm_risc_end and switch the
type of virtual machine to new one, in the Virtual Machine - Settings panel.

We would like to note that this version DOES NOT include the taggant system
yet (system that will help to avoid antivirus false detections for protected
file). We are working to implement this system ASAP.

What is new in Enigma Protector 4.00:
- Added new RISC virtual machine
- Added new vm markers vm_risc_begin and vm_risc_end
- Improved virtualization for instructions ror, rol, inc, dec
- Bug fixed virtualizing instructions sar, sal, shr, shl, adc, sbb, scas
- Improved handling of trial Enigma API in registered mode
- Improved trial control while application is running
- Improved compatibility with madExcept package
- Improved handling of files with sections of zero virtual size
- Bug fixed with changing of HDD Serial (Compatibility Level 4 should be
enabled in Miscellaneous - Others)
- Bug fixed processing relocation elements in VM markers
- Bug fixed using VM markers for Visual Basic programs
- Bug fixed detecting Windows version for Windows 8+
- Bug fixed with VC/VC64 keygen examples
- Bug fixed with declaration of TKeyInformation for Visual Basic

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