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Pure DotNet licensing

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Pure DotNet licensing

Postby sanyock » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:31 am

What do you think about creating an additional product which would have only licensing features like:

It would be an addon product to your main EnigmaProtector product utilizing native GUI for license management and key generation

without VM, protection, virtual file system, etc.

Such pure DotNet licensing product could be used by programs running under Mono on Linux which cannot run Win32 code without PInvoke or Wine, but it would use your very convenient native license manager. It can be protected by an obfuscator which is a different market of dev tools.

So only end-user part of licensing would need to be rewritten (logic almost duplicated compared to your current native implementation) and compatible with native implementation.

A program may have two parts: web interface for public users and admin for configuration and DB management.
So web part can run on ASP.NET+Mono+Apache+Linux+pure DotNet EnigmaLicensing library + Eazfuscator
Admin part can run with help of DevExpress WinForms+DotNetV2+Wine+Linux+native EnigmaProtector

Floating license feature would be helpful
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Re: Pure DotNet licensing

Postby sanyock » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:44 am

Provided you use strong cryptography for keys and architecture is good, may be you could open source client side of the key validation schema to allow other developers to port it to languages on other VMs (different from i386) like JVM, Parrot, Xamarin MonoDroid and respectable market of MonoTouch for iPhone, etc.

You would widen use of your application saving your very valuable time resources for improving protection part of the system on intel and maintaning your ready native LicenseManager. You would encrease sales without working by yourself on compatibility for more platforms.

May be it is almost the same as offering your samples but allow other developers to create more end users interfaces and samples for other platforms without spendng your time.
You could do the same by adding your own developers, but it is an additional cost to manage them taking into account you used to be a small shop and like to concentrate on protection for Intel platform
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Re: Pure DotNet licensing

Postby Enigma » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:24 am

Hi sanyock,

Yes, the license manager and licensing software is a good point. We have some thoughts regarding this, but it is not a near future.

The simple license manager is already built into Enigma Protector.

More advanced system is used in the Online Activation Panel, there are everything developer may need to track licenses, orders and customers:

But the thing we are thinking for is some multiplatform library for licensing (creating/validating keys) and online activation (based on our project Enigma Virtual Box). But as I said, this is the project for far future.
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