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Enigma SAS

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Enigma SAS

Postby sanyock » Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:57 am

Can you please add sometimes a paid online feature to send via special API, e.g. via REST or XML-RPC a bunch of files including xxx.enigma file to your site and generate a protected executable.

For example someone could upload a PDF file to a custom aspx page on a developer site which would use your API to upload a bunch of files including PDF and SumatraPDF viewer to your online processing engine and then return protected executable to a friend or a customer. Right now it might be technically done in a custom hosted Windows VM to run Enigma from the aspx page directly for processing, I guess the license allows such use while I do NOT charge for such protection and the service is NOT public but only for a specific person to protect his content and work, it might be treated as I give him my protected bundles? Enigma itself is not copied on his computer. If he gets any comparable profit, I guess he can ask for his own personal Enigma license to run on his own VM.
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