Customer has reversed clock

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Customer has reversed clock

Post by Maja » Fri Aug 02, 2019 10:15 am


our sw is protected with Time Control -
- Check Clock reversing
- Terminate if clock reversed

We did not check
- Do not check clock reversing if registered

now we had a customer who set his system time into the past and then again to the current date and our program did what it should do: It stopped working.

However we could only solve this issue by recompiling a new version. Is there a better way?

My wish would be to develop a tool (which the customer does not have, only support has) which we can use to reset everything on the customers PC, so that he can enter a new registration key? Is this possible? This would give us the opportunity to decide from case to case.

I read that I could use EP_TrialClockReversedDays ( ... =6&t=10696) but don't understand that and it seems that it requires to uncheck "Terminate if clock reversed"? But I would like to keep that.

We are using registry keys which expire after one year.

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Re: Customer has reversed clock

Post by Enigma » Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:52 pm

Hi Maja,

With the current version you can solve this problem only by sending the new protected version to customer (you have to change the version number on Input panel first). Or with the registry trick that you've found.

But we are planning to make a feature for trial, when user can enter some license key to either reset clock reversing check, either reset trial etc. So we have this idea in todo list and hope it will appear in future versions.

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