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VB 6.0 and excel Private key is not set

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VB 6.0 and excel Private key is not set

Postby karil » Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:46 am

In keygen examples for VB i get an error EP_ERROR_PRIVATEKEYISNOTSET, my delphi XE5 Project works fine but i want to use keygen in VB Project and Excel but in both cases same error occur . Any help ? Any modifications are not made to VB example .
Is the problem in my VB 6.0 ?
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Re: VB 6.0 and excel Private key is not set

Postby Enigma » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:12 am

Hi Karil,

As we discussed by email, thank you for provided solution!

In case someone will be interested in this, the parameter types in TKeyGenParams structure should be changed to Long, like this one:

Code: Select all
Public Type TKeyGenParams

    KeyMode As Long ' {in} key generation mode (~RSA ???)

    KeyBase As Long ' {in} key output base (Base ???)

    KeyWithHyphens As Long ' {in} add hyphens to the key?

    Key As String ' {in} buffer for registration key

    KeyLen As Long ' {in} registration key size

    RegInfo As String ' {in} registration info/name

    RegInfoLen As Long ' {in} registration info/name size

    UseKeyExpiration As Long ' {in} use key expiration?

    ExpirationYear As Long ' {in} key expiration year

    ExpirationMonth As Long ' {in} key expiration month

    ExpirationDay As Long ' {in} key expiration day

    UseHardwareLocking As Long ' {in} is key hardware locked?

    HardwareID As String ' {in} pointer to null terminated hardware string

    UseExecutionsLimit As Long ' {in} limit key by executions?

    ExecutionsCount As Long ' {in} number of executions

    UseDaysLimit As Long ' {in} limit key by days?

    DaysCount As Long ' {in} number of days

    UseRunTimeLimit As Long ' {in} limit key by run time?

    RunTimeMinutes As Long ' {in} run time minutes

    UseGlobalTimeLimit As Long ' {in} limit key by global time?

    GlobalTimeMinutes As Long ' {in} global time minutes

    UseCountyLimit As Long ' {in} limit key by country?

    CountryCode As Long ' {in} country code

    UseRegisterAfter As Long ' {in} register key after date?

    RegisterAfterYear As Long ' {in} register after year

    RegisterAfterMonth As Long ' {in} register after month

    RegisterAfterDay As Long ' {in} register after day

    UseRegisterBefore As Long ' {in} register key before date?

    RegisterBeforeYear As Long ' {in} register before year

    RegisterBeforeMonth As Long ' {in} register before month

    RegisterBeforeDay As Long ' {in} register before day

    EncryptedConstant As Long ' {in} Encryption Constant - should be extracted from project file

    EncryptedSections(NUMBER_OF_CRYPTED_SECTIONS - 1) As Long ' {in} Crypted sections

    PrivateKey As String ' {in} Private Key - should be extracted from project file

    PublicKey As String ' {in} Public Key - should be extracted from project file

End Type
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