Protecting Interpreted Code

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Protecting Interpreted Code

Post by chris_s » Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:13 pm

I Like Enigma because it provides a pretty complete package with the License Manager and Mailer. I realise however; that I don't really understand how much protection that it will really provide my code. I am using an interpreted language (Autoit) that packages the source code and the run time module into an EXE. It compresses the code but it is still basically in the clear. Does Enigma provide encryption of the source code? Are there any specific options that I should be using to make it more secure. Would Virtual Box help (and is it compatible with all the Windows versions)?

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Re: Protecting Interpreted Code

Post by Enigma » Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:32 pm

Hi, for AutoIt protection, I think, you should apply additional protection methods.

Virtual Box is the one of them and good enough. But also, you may try to use Virtual box feature in some non-standard manner. For example, add some information into Virtual box - Registry, read and use this information from registry inside the application. So imagine, if the protection got removed, the virtual box won't work, and the data you use and read won't exist.

The second option - call functions from enigma_ide.dll, these are so called Enigma API functions. There is a set of the functions available for you to communicate wth protection: ... ef699b91ee
Protection logic is same, if protection got removed, the functions will fail.

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