[newbie] Seems not to pack/encrypt ascii strings in exe file

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[newbie] Seems not to pack/encrypt ascii strings in exe file

Post by calvax » Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:12 am

I made a very simple test program in xojo:

and compiled to exe
and encrypted with enigma and packed dll in exe

after encryption, I open my encrypted .exe with an hex heditor and I can find ascii string "THIS STRING SHOULD BE ENCRYPTED IN .EXE FILE",
and I see a lot of readable ascii xojo words in .exe ;
in other words .exe seems to be not encrypted and even not compressed because a lot of ascii data is not typical in compressed files
What's wrong? Ascii strings during compression shoud become unreadable (even old LZEXE under dos in 1992 makes ascii strings unreadable in exe files).

I need that not expert hackers cannot, with hex heditor, show ascii strings of my .exe ; in past, with dos, I used lzexe that pack exe and make ascii strings unreadable...
maybe I selected wrong encrypting options...
...any hint?

I understood thay maybe the not encrypted ascii strings are in the overlay.
There is no way to encrypt it?

I tried to make that way:
to create 2 .exe files
the first (for example first.exe) is only a loader that launches second.exe
I launch enigma on first.exe and with virtualbox I include second.exe
In such case second.exe is compressed.
The problem is that first.exe launches second.exe, it finds it, but second.exe gives "runtime error"

Anyway I repeat my purpose: to compress/encrypt ascii parts of my exe. For example "hello word" must not be visibile in .exe
Of course I could encrypt it myself in source code with an algorithm but will be long job.
Is it possible to encrypt with enigma a xojo .exe also if it has overlay?


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Re: [newbie] Seems not to pack/encrypt ascii strings in exe

Post by Enigma » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:10 pm

Hi, we have replied you by email, let's move discussion there.

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