Protected software doesn't start on Windows 11

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Protected software doesn't start on Windows 11

Post by nohon » Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:07 pm


I have been using enigma protector x64 for 2-3 years. Usually protection is done for C# application with virtualbox option for few .wav files and one .exe (autohotkey). It was working well on Windows 10 (all versions) for my clients.

As Windows 11 released I have received many complaints that the protected application doesn't even start. When people run protected .exe nothing happens. I have received enigma debug version from support, but when clients run debug .exe also nothing happens (no registration pop up, no log files being created).

It has been pretty hard as I could not recreate the exact bug (tested application on W11 on laptop and it works). I would also like to add that application needs Admin rights and clients disabling windows defender/other antivirus didn't help. Both v6.70 and v7.10 has been tested with the problem presisting.

I have also installed clean Windows 11 on old PC. I ran debug version and the app doeasn't start and log files are created. I'm not sure if it's the exact problem that my clients have, but it probably is. Logs have been already send to

I would be glad for a assist as your long term customer :)

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Re: Protected software doesn't start on Windows 11

Post by Enigma » Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:40 pm

Hi, yes, we have sent you email, let's test it together.

There is something wrong with the registration dialog of your project, let's check it in private correspondence by email!

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