Application Could Not Be Started

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Application Could Not Be Started

Post by user121 » Thu Aug 18, 2022 2:56 pm

Using both Enigma Protector x86 and x64 on apps created in VisualStudio 2022 for both 32-bit and 64-bit apps produce the following error on Windows 7 to 10:

This application could not be started.
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The attachment error.png is no longer available
I'm just creating a protected file without any options. Enigma 7.10 does work on Net6.0 apps but <7.10 used to work on Net2.0 to 4.8 apps. Is this the only .Net version Enigma now supports or am i using the wrong setting?

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Re: Application Could Not Be Started

Post by Enigma » Fri Aug 19, 2022 8:42 am

Hi, can you please let me know the email address of your license? This is required to provide further support.

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