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Program won't run after protection in Windows 11

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2022 12:35 am
by davidwilbourn
I have been using Enigma protector on a program for many years without problems. I have just got a new Windows 11 PC and have discovered that the program will no longer run after being protected on the Win11 PC. On both Win10 & Win11 it shows my Splash screen (just a form that is shown while the main forms are being created) and then just stops. I have protected the program on the old Win10 PC with exactly the same version of Enigma (x64 7.10) and that will run on both Win10 & Win11.

..... Done some more checking and found that I have to compile and protect the program on Win 10. Compiling on Win 11 and protecting on Win 10 does not work. So the problem is probably one of the Delphi component libraries (they were all installed new on the Win 11 PC but some are a bit older on the Win 10 PC). I will try to work out which library is the culprit.

However the fact remains that a working, unprotected program will not run after being protected.

.. done some more tests today, with a cleaned up sourcecode and project file, there are some changes but still protecting the exe results in failure. Compiling and protecting the Debug version of the app on a Win10 PC in D11.1 & Enigma x64 7.1 works.
Compiling and protecting the Release version of the same code on a Win10 PC in D11.1 & Enigma x64 7.1 results in a message that 'The file "my.exe" seems to be corrupt!'.
On a Win11 PC with the same code & Delphi (though some 3rd party components are a bit newer) results in the 'corrupt!' message for both Debug & Release versions.

Re: Program won't run after protection in Windows 11

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2022 3:32 pm
by davidwilbourn
Solved, Combination of update to a 3rd party File List control & the madExcept options being reset by a new installation.