Enigma doesn't kill the process

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Enigma doesn't kill the process

Post by Kresor » Sat Mar 05, 2022 8:14 pm

Hello. I wanted to test the demo of Enigma on my app.

The problem is that I added the option to kill/terminate the process of my app if enigma detects some applications, but it just doesnt kill it, It just show the warning that it found that program, but it never kill the program.


Any solution?

For example, if I open the apps that are blacklisted, and then run the program, it ll say " xxxxxxxxxxxx has been found in your system, please unload it from memory blablabla" and won't launch the program, which is good, but if I have my app already opened and then I open the blacklisted app, it ll show the previosuly message, but it won;'t close the app.

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Re: Enigma doesn't kill the process

Post by Enigma » Sun Mar 06, 2022 6:20 pm

Hi, there is some workaround for that.

First of all, external process can be detected by Enigma API function EP_CheckupFindProcess, so in your code you can run this function in a thread/timer, detect the process and do appropriate action (exit the app for eg).

Second, "lazy" method, add an autoclose function to the shown message, the message will automatically close after some time and exit the protected application:
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