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Integration with PayPal

Post by Enigma » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:58 am

Paypal is the most widely used method to pay and be paid and it is often being used by software developers to accept payments for software. Online Activation Panel allows integration of Paypal with the protection to perform automatic orders processing, user notifications and software online activation.

Below are steps that allow to integrate Online Activation Panel and Paypal using BuyNow buttons.


To integrate the Online Activation Panel with Paypal you have to create a BuyNow button. Customers have to use this BuyNow button to purchase the software, only this case the payments will be automatically processed (direct Paypal payments bypassing BuyNow button won't be processed by Online Activation Panel, such payments could be processed manually through New Order feature).

To create BuyNow Paypal button go to this url (you may need to login to Paypal firstly): ... ype=buynow
Create a new BuyNow button or select from the existing.
Fill out all necessary parameters, and focus on the third step, the latest parameter - Add Advanced Variable. Check this option on and enter the parameter notify_url, the value of this parameter should be an appropriate url from the Order Links page in Online Activation Panel.
How this works? When the Paypal process the payment (places an order or make a refund, both cases are processed with Online Activation Panel automatically) it calls the notify_url and passes all order parameters in the post array. Such way Online Activation Panel knows that order comes (or order is being rejected) and notify user about purchase, send the license information etc.
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