Read it before you place an order!

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Read it before you place an order!

Post by Enigma » Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:27 am


Your order may be rejected by a payment processor system if you do not enter the phone number. It is mainly happen for the orders that are made using email address from the public/free domain (like gmail, hotmail and so on).
In order to process payment well, please always specify your phone number. Specialists will contact you my this number to identify if the payment was made correctly.


Payment system uses multiple order check. The order may be accepted by the payment processor but then rejected by our specialists. In this case, after the order will be accepted by payment processor, you will get a email with the text like "Order is waiting administrator to approve. Please wait." In this case, wait until we accept the order or make a full refund.


If the order is processed with payment processor, but you still did not get the license email, then probably, our email was blocking with your anti-spam filter. In this case, check the spam folder of your email address.
Note, do not try to email us about this problem, as you won't get a reply anyway due to email blocking.
In this case, use this forum to inform us about the problem and get a solution.


In some cases it is possible to pay for a licensing using direct paypal payment. But note, this is possible only if the payment had not been processed with the payment processors available at the order page. For more information please contact to support.

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