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[Paid/Free] Online License Control Plug-in

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:50 pm
by anfidya

I developed a plug-in for Enigma Protector. You can check the registered licenses in your Enigma Protector on online.
You can easly detect stolen keys and disable it.
• Easy installation
• Secure connection
• Get information online
• Prevent stolen keys & Disable stolen keys
• Compatible with 100% Enigma Protector
• Online secure monitoring
• Connection with WebSocket

In “Connections” tab, it shown connected clients with their IP adress, PC Name, operation system, KEY(License key from Enigma Protector) and costumer name.

In “Costumer/License” tab, you have to load a *.enigmadb file which is your Enigma Protector produced. After load an enigmadb file, it shown license key, costumer name and stolen property.
You can set stolent property in Enigma License Manager. If it is true, plug-in stops the application on startup.


In same way, if costumer has invalid or incorrect license key, application terminates itself.


In “Settings” tab, you can set a secret key for . In, you can see connected clients in browser(PC, Mobile Phone etc.).


What is the scheme?


What is the requirement?

1) You need a Windows VDS for running Online License Control server application.
Minimum 1 GB ram is enough. Other features are not necessary.
*** You can buy “DEDICATED” plan and don’t think about it!

What is the price?


Contact Informations
Mail :
Skype : anfidyamoloji

• This system is not online activation system. If you want to automation for online sales and more, you have to buy Enigma Online Activation Panel.
• I am an independent developer. You can not get support from Enigma Protector team.

Download Free Version :