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Problem running boxed app

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Problem running boxed app

Postby nesluk » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:23 am


I have created a boxed application using EVB 7.30.

It contains a "launcher" Win32 app, which shows a splash screen and does some detection stuff and later starts the main app .NET 4.5 application.

While the boxed app starts and works fine under my Win 7, I have received reports, that the boxed app cannot be started on Win 8.1, because of some files missing (see attached screenshot).

If you are wondering about the translation of error:

"Title: evb66DB.tmp - System error
The program cannot be started, as (- .DLL is missing on the computer. Reinstall the program to solve this issue."

I have used "Map executable files using temporary file" & "Allow running of virtual executable files" options to create the boxed app.

The system, where the problem was experienced is Win 8.1 Enterprise x64 bit.
Later the same issue was reported also on other machines running Win 7, so obviously the OS version is not the main cause.
The only thing I have detected so far is that all "problematic" PC configurations have limited user privileges.

Could user policy cause the issue?

Please advise what might be the cause and solution for the problem.

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