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How to save ini file to virtual default folder

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How to save ini file to virtual default folder

Postby fanki » Fri Apr 03, 2015 9:43 pm

Hi all

I would like to virtualize an application that has an ini-file, help files and language files.

First problem I encountered is that the program doesn't find the ini-file because I use the path to the exe (assumption that exe and ini are in the same folder) to call the ini-file but the path doesn't point to the virtual folder %DEFAULT FOLDER% but to the real folder where the packed exe is located. Ok, I can change this and call the ini-file without path. To test this I created a small application which reads a text file into a TMemo component (C++Builder). I packed program and text file together. The program finds and loads the text file correctly but when I save the changed text file, restart the application and load the text file again I see that the changes were not saved. Is this not possible or did I miss something?
I tried "always save to disk". Then the ini-file is saved but to the real folder where the packed application is located. But in the next startup the program loads again the original file in the virtual folder (what is logical).
Help and language files are only loaded but the ini-file is saved on closing the program and the changes should be saved.


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