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Included in to a IDE env

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Included in to a IDE env

Postby kingzooly » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:19 pm

Hey there Enigma team, nice tool you have here, I would like to ask if its possible to find out more and also maybe see if I am able to use this tool in a tool I hope to create in the future.

I use a tool that builds apps and complies them but some things are missing so I want to go ahead and making something like it
but with others tools around, I want to create a IDE that where the users create there source app, well this is all good but I don't
have means to pack it up, I never got a reply from RAR on how much it would be to use there RAR tech as it's possible with there tools, what I would like to know is could I offer Enigma as one of the means for my users to package there apps

So does Engima support command line, when the Engima setting has been selected I would show the Engima logo how the prossess was running in the IDE, the option in the menu would most likey also have the Engima icon next to it.

if all above is OK how do I bid by this

6. "Enigma Virtual Box" itself and any of it's components can't be used as a part of any other software.
Additional licensing agreements should be applied if you want to use "Enigma Virtual Box" itself or any of
it's components inside your application.

I am hoping to create my tool freeware so I wouldn't be making money from this, I would also include a link back to the site in the help file for compling, like saying the Engima compiling option can be used on other project by using XYZ please check there website blah blah lol

I would also include a about link back in out account section, I have not got anything to show just yet as I still researching and you was pointed to me by a fellow programmer in the same platform, I would love to use your tech but want to do it right :)

if you feel you can't help do you know any other options that would help ? or if you would like to help are there any companies you don't want your software sitting aside with :)

I would like to state I am not a great programmer I am a simple scripter what has a idea and feels with the right tools I can do it :) thanks.
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Re: Included in to a IDE env

Postby Enigma » Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:29 am

Hi kingzooly,

There is nothing to append, you've understood all issues with using EVB inside other application correctly.

So you may use it inside your freeware application without any limitations!

The link to our site would be just appreciated :)

There is a console version of EVB, it is enigmavbconsole.exe, it requires a .evb project file as parameter. .evb project file is a simple xml file that you may build yourself (to include any own files there) and then carry it to EVB to process.
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Re: Included in to a IDE env

Postby tkralphdev » Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:25 pm


I would like to add to this query, Is there a config file which I can create like a JSON format for this? or like:

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enigmavbconsole.exe --o boxed.exe --exe /some/path/app.exe --files *.* --exclude some.exe another.dll

This would be much appreciated in creating a build tool for a node-webkit application using EVB.. hope this could be realized.
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Re: Included in to a IDE env

Postby Enigma » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:14 am

Hi tkralphdev,

You can build such tool yourself, for eg, it will receive the parameters like you've written, then configure .evb project file, and then run enigmavbconsole.exe. So you have all the freedom for that.

So currently, unfortunately, we are not willing to make a functionality you are asking for, because it also can be easy done with the workaround I've written above.
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