Error when opening common dialog Open File or Save As

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Hidayat S
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Error when opening common dialog Open File or Save As

Post by Hidayat S » Fri Jul 24, 2020 4:22 am

Many thanks for creating Enigma VB and i use it day a day...

By the way, i am creating Visual Basic 6 project and success compiled. Before create Enigma VB, i tested that executable file and running fine. Then i create Enigma VB project, add executable file and runtime files then setting project, and finally success compile the project.

After i have executable file create by Enigma VB i test my program, now i am opening a "Common Dialog Open File" then Windows 10 warning "... the program has stop working" and i have no choose except close program. This PC has 4GB RAM. Then, I try to another Windows 10 PC with a bigger memory it has 8GB RAM. The problem is disappear.

Why the executable file compiled withVB6 is no problem to open common dialog even only has 2GB RAM but going to be error after compiled with Enigma VB except has a bigger memory for example 8GB RAM ?

I try many way to change comdlg32.ocx to comdlg32.dll, change class module, change engine open dialog, etc. but all i try just success as an executable VB6 file and again after compiled with Enigma the executable file going to be error when opening open dialog.

If you test with a little program for example a form with only 1 command button and open a command dialog, perhaps you never meet what i told before. Please create complex program. Note: the problem sometime disappear sometime arise. If the problem disappear try to open command dialog, browse the folders and you have to do very quick, the problem will be arise. If you still don't meet the problem then repeat the task: again open dialog, browse folders, do very quick. Repeat 3 or 4 times then the problem will be arise.

I hope Enigma Virtual Box team have solution of my problem. My system and software:
Windows 10 update from Windows 7
22MB executable file

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