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0xc0000018 error on win7 x64

x64 version issues

0xc0000018 error on win7 x64

Postby zhangy » Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:10 pm

My client report that they can't run our application anymore since i
use virutalbox in the protector x64 to pack all the dlls. But i could still run it on my 9
They report the error is:"The application was unable to start correctly
(0xc0000018)" It's happying on all their machine.
My application is a launcher exe with around 10 dlls. Before i just
protects all the dlls and it's working on the clients side. Now i use
virutalbox to pack all dlls (after i protects those dlls) with the exe
into one big exe file. I still runs the big exe without any issue. But
since that, the client told me it's not starting anymore.
what i tried to ask them to do:
1:reinstall the app
2:delete a APPINIT_DLLS entry in the regedit
3:remove 3045685 MS15-038 3045999 MS15-038: ms updates
none of above works for them.
We also tried the free Enigma VirtualBox to do the same packing. it works on the client side.
So only the virutal box packing from the protector is affected.

Could you help and give us any help?
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Re: 0xc0000018 error on win7 x64

Postby Enigma » Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:13 pm

Hello, please try to use the latest version of Enigma Protector, there are some improvements that may affect it.
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