How too do something if EP_CheckupFindProcess = true ?

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How too do something if EP_CheckupFindProcess = true ?

Post by Daryl001 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:02 pm

Hello Enigma

So if I do checkup of EP_CheckupFindProcess


EP_CheckupFindProcess("ida.exe", "", "");

if this = true so it Enigma has found this !

I want to do something Like show a MessageBox or ban the HWID or BAN the account

Also do the strings get encrypted ? or would I need todo

EP_CheckupFindProcess(EP_ProtectedStringByID(IDAExe), "", "");

and say I wanted enigma to start with

EP_CheckupFindProcess("mustberunning.exe", "", "");

so if EP_CheckupFindProcess("mustberunning.exe", "", "");

is not running the application will not start as you can only do this via


Basically I want to API call it ?

i thought you could do

if (EP_CheckupFindProcess == true)
MessageBox("You are banned !");


Or Enigma to add Custom Message boxes for each processes or commands would be great !

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