socks4 type proxies crash app

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socks4 type proxies crash app

Post by dbtech » Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:38 pm

When I protected my app which use proxies , socks4, HTTP, socks5 type then using socks4 will crash app.
Leaf.xNet.dll is the plugin which is used as reference and not classic httpclient lib.
I worte them and they said it is not issue in their side.

could you pls check why this protocol crach the app? socks5 or HTTP not doing and btw this is old issue I remember 1 year ago and still it is NOT beeing fixed or provided solution.

I use virtualbox but even without virtualbox the app crash.

Screen attached of what I use.

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Re: socks4 type proxies crash app

Post by Enigma » Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:49 am

Can you please send us small non protected sample at so we can investigate the issue?
That would be the fatest way to find and fix the problem.

I would also recommend to try protection with just default protection settings, to make sure there are no settings and application conflict. Can you please also confirm that it does not work with default protection settings also?

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Re: socks4 type proxies crash app

Post by dbtech » Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:24 pm

I dont know what is the "default" or what you mean by default protection, but the application may have issues with threading when it is protected.
sorry there is no way I send unprotected code lol it is commercial app and I dont trust anyone on this.

Now I put all .dll's outside protected virtual box and it works BUT if I choose more threads to run like 50 or 80 in 10sec the app crash, so the issues is ONLY on SOCKS4a type protocol when this dll's are inside virtualbox I hope you fix this soon as all my apps use socks4 and socks5 type mostly and I dont have much socks5 only 4 so anyways Im looking for other solution to replace your enigma because it takes long time you fix it and you keep asking me unprotected files which is nonsense and impossible to send you as we dont know each other so dont ask me this you know very well nobody will send you source code of the app.

I may try create a simple proxyscraper and then proxy ping app to reproduce this issue I'm sure it will throw this error, as it strongly happens only on socks4 type which I dont understand why.

So pls wait I will send you a rar files to your email soon with "dummy" app protected on the same options with code too .


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